Scientific Meditations

The Book of Dzyan

Definition of the Sacred

Descent: A Meditation

Even If I Did Believe

Facts and Phallacies

The Freedom of Doubt

Healing The Spiritual Community

Hekate and the Satanic School

Introduction to Crowley

The Included Middle

A Letter to Close

Pagan History

Pentagram Ritual

The Problems of Syncretism

Tetragrammaton Mass

Theory of Divination

Why Crowley Doesn't Suck

Why I Study Magic
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Tim Maroney

is a software architect, occult scholar, spiritual practitioner, and bon vivant living in Berkeley, California. His studies in the sciences bring a unique perspective to his intimate treatment of mysticism and the occult. The Book of Dzyan is his first book.

Tim first appeared in print at age eleven, and he has been a professional writer for over twenty years. His essays in Gnosis magazine explored the challenges of computer networks for meditators, as well as the connections between science fiction, horror and occultism. He was for some years a regular columnist for Apple's award-winning d e v e l o p magazine.

Tim has become a popular public speaker on spiritual topics such as “Scientific Meditations” and “The Anthropology of Initiation.” He has appeared at Pantheacon, Notocon, and elsewhere.

Tim has studied Western occultism and Eastern religion since childhood. He began meditation and ritual twenty-five years ago, and hatha yoga in 1993. He is a Gnostic Priest, as well as an initiate of the Ordo Templi Orientis, Neo-Pagan Witchcraft, and the Golden Dawn.

Tim pioneered creative writing on computer networks in the early 1980’s. His essay for USENET’s net.religion concerning morality and monotheism, “Even If I Did Believe…”, is known to fundamentalists and freethinkers alike, and it has been used to train evangelists. Some of his network essays appear on his web site,

By day Tim leads user experience projects. His clients include companies such as Apple, frogdesign and Adobe. He holds degrees in psychology and mathematics, and enjoys travel, bodywork, reading, group ritual, and cats. One acquaintance said that Tim “reminded me rather strongly of how I'd imagine Satan looks.” He is working on his second book.

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