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A “PC” analogy

Anyone who has been poking around on this blog or the static web site it replaced knows I was once involved with Scientology. An old-time friend of mine, who also dabbled a bit in Scientology many years ago, recently asked … Continue reading

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The Minus Grade Chart

The Minus Grades are listed from bottom to top. One goes over each by oneself or with a friend (a good idea).

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Keeping Scientology (from) Working

The following is a short parody of a paper which is found at the very start of every course textbook used in Scientology. The actual author would prefer to remain anonymous for obvious reasons. One: Stealing the correct technology Two: … Continue reading

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Scientology, the Ultimate Implant

(L. Ron Hubbard) Original Founder’s Bulletin #1 SCIENTOLOGY The Ultimate Implant My dear old friends, You had better take a seat for this one, I am about to shatter some realities here. This may very well be the most incomprehensible … Continue reading

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