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Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

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Now, since these figures will leave no direct impression with any precision upon his mind, let him adopt this practice A.
A. Let the practicus be seated before a bare square table, and let an unknown number of small similar objects be thrown by his chela from time to time upon the table, and by that chela be hastily gathered up.
Let the Practicus declare at the glance, and the chela confirm by his count, the number of such objects.
The practice should be for a quarter of an hour thrice daily. The maximum number of objects should at first be seven. This maximum should increase by one at each practice, provided that not a single mistake is made by the Practicus in appreciating the number thrown.
This practice should continue assiduously for at least one year.
The quickness of the chela in gathering up the objects is expected to increase with time. The practice need not be limited to a quarter of an hour thrice daily after a time, but increased with discretion. Care must be taken to detect the first symptoms of fatigue, and to stop, if possible, even before it threatens. The practised psychologist learns to recognise even minute hesitations that mark the forcing of the attention.
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[Author's Note: The random number generation on this server is not as random as I would like. It has to do with the fact that a new process is started each time you access the APE. The random number generator is re-seeded each time with the current time-of-day. If you request two random words quickly enough, you could get the same word both times. To avoid this problem, wait a few seconds before re-submitting your request.]