Liber Ararita

sub Figura DLXX

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Chapter II

Now then I saw these things averse and evil; and they were not, even as Thou art Not.
I saw the twin heads that ever battle against one another, so that all their thought is a confusion. I saw Thee in these.
I saw the darkeners of wisdom, like black apes chattering vile nonsense. I saw Thee in these.
I saw the devouring mothers of Hell, that eat up their children -- O ye that are without understanding! I saw Thee in these.
I saw the merciless and the unmajestic like harpies tearing their foul food. I saw Thee in these.
I saw the burning ones, giants like volcanoes belching out the black vomit of fire and smoke in their fury. I saw Thee in these.
I saw the petty, the quarrelsome, the selfish, -- they were like men, O Lord, they were even like unto men. I saw Thee in these.
I saw the ravens of death, that flew with hoarse cries upon the carrion earth. I saw Thee in these.
I saw the lying spirits like frogs upon the earth, and upon the water, and upon the treacherous metal that corrodeth all things and abideth not. I saw Thee in these.
I saw the obscene ones, bull-men linked in the abyss of putrefaction, that gnawed each other's tongues for pain. I saw Thee in these.
I saw the Woman. O my God, I behold the image thereof, even as a lovely shape that concealeth a black monkey, even as a figure that draweth with her hands small images of men down into hell. I saw her from the head to the navel a woman, from the navel to the feet of her a man. I saw Thee even in her.
For mine was the keyword to the Closed Palace 418 and mine the reins of the Chariot of the Sphinxes, black and white.
But I was not deceived by anything of all these things.
For I expanded it by my subtlety into Twelve Rays of the Crown.
And these twelve rays were One.

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