Liber Ararita

sub Figura DLXX

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Chapter IV

Also the little child, the lover of Adonai, even V.V.V.V.V., reflecting the glory of Adonai, lifted up his voice and said:
Glory to God, and Thanksgiving to God! There is One God alone, and God is exceeding great. He is about us, and there is no strength save in Him the exalted, the great.
Thus did V.V.V.V.V. become made, and wend about naked.
And all these things fled away, for he understood them all, that they were but as old rags upon the Divine Perfection.
Also he pitied them all, that they were but reflections distorted.
Also he smote them, lest they should bear rule over the just.
Also he harmonized them into one picture, beautiful to behold.
And having thus conquered them, there was a certain glamour of holiness even in the hollow sphere of outward brilliance.
So that all became splendid.
And having firmly stablished them in order and disposition,
He proclaimed the perfection, the bride, the delight of God in His creation.
But though thus he worked, he tried ever his work by the Star 418.
And it deceived him not; for by his subtlety he expanded it all into the Twelve Rays of the Crown.
And these twelve rays were one.

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