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Besides my own personal web page, I also maintain a number of other pages and mirrors of pages on this site or on one of my own mirrors. Below you will find a list of hosted pages. Take some time and check them out.

The The Ape of Thoth
The Ape of Thoth is subtitled "A Thelemic Text Daemon" because it manipulates text to suit your whim. The text, of course, is the complete collection of Aleister Crowley's Holy Books. Using the Ape, you can search for words or phrases, quote a particular phrase, build a concordance, or pick a random word to use as a bibliomantic oracle. All from the convenience of your browser.
Aleister Crowley's Home Page
Originally created as a place to house the scanned photo of Crowley that once used to grace my own home page, this page quickly became a hit (pun intended) so I filled it with some of my favorite quotes from AC's "Confessions".
Thelemic New Conservatism
The Thelemic New Conservatism movement is dedicated to bringing common sense back into the political process while preserving personal freedom. There is not much wind in the sails of the group at the moment but I am lending what little help I can by hosting their web page on my server.
Hubbard's Ladder, by Tom Joyce (mirror)
This is a mirror copy of an essay written by a former Scientologist. It first appeared in Gnosis magazine. I agree with most of what the author says in this article, particularly his notion of seperating the man (Hubbard) from the group from the technology. This is a must-read for anyone currently contemplating involvement in (or departure from) the Church of Scientology.
Astral Dynamics
This site belongs to my close friend and personal astrologer. If you would like to know what the future (or the past) has in store for you, be sure to order one of the reports. I use these all the time.
The Bullsheet
The Bullsheet is the "Unofficial Journal of the First Church of the Holy Cow". It was a short-lived publication in newsletter format (only five issues were released), but some of the material published therein lives on in various forms. When I get a chance, I intend to reprint some of the more interesting pieces.

If you're wondering where the Lisa McPherson mirror went, I decided to remove it from my site because my copy was hopelessly out of date and I needed the space. If after the re-engineering project is over, I decide that the issue is still worth publicising, I may add an updated version in this space.

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