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A really cute image

This is Aly. I found her on one of the USENET newsgroups. I tried to look for more pictures of her but came up empty-handed (or, as some would say, empty-headed). The closest I got was a friend of the person who used to have dozens of images from this series on his FTP site but he says his friend is now in the military service and took his site down. If you know of anyone who has more pictures from this series, please mail me.

I have links to several of my favorite X-rated sites on my favorite places page under the heading 'What you thought I meant by Entertainment...'

Keywords used to attract web-crawlers and irritate the CIA

You know, one day I was looking through my web logs and I realized that, in most cases, the URL of the referring page is also stored. I also noticed that whenever one of my pages was found via a search, the search string was usually included in the URL. From this grew the idea of enhancing my log analysys script to pull the search strings from the logs. It's amazing how often someone searches for "pedophillia" ;-)

sex nude fuck cervix sphyncter whore penis pussy homosexuality pedophillia incest drugs cocaine heroine marijuana crack Hezbollah terrorism guns bomb-making conspiracy communism sabotage plutonium bullion blacklisting boycott ra rights intolerance freedom lawsuits wiretap homicide murder suicide genocide Scientology NOTs OT3 OTIII Xenu Satan Hubbard Parsons Xenu religion magick slack wicked Wicca Illuminati CIA FBI wiretap offshore-banking president assasinate assasination coup Iraq Iran Saudi Arabia Turkey Armenia Canter Siegel Acknowledgements:

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