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Thelemic New Conservatism

Welcome to the home page of the Thelemic New Conservatism movement. This page is dedicated to the application of the Law of Thelema in modern political thinking. Much has been written regarding the rights of individuals in the Aeon of Horus. But precious little has been said regarding how these rights translate into responsibilities when they are brought to bear on the simple fact of human interaction.

It has been said before that no man (or woman) is an island. In an ideal world, everyone would be independent and self-sufficient and few conflicts would arise between one individual Will and any other. However, as technology expands to the point where few can afford to be generalists, we find an increasing need to rely on one another within a social framework.

Moreover, we are constantly bombarded with messages from those who would have us behave so as to inure benefit to themselves, often at the expense of our own interests. The cry for social equalization is heard from those who, for whatever reason, are not comfortable with their lot in life. They would see everyone dragged down to one common level of mediocrity, rather than to see a select few excel to greater heights.

It is to answer these and other more subtle threats to the individuality of mankind that we have gathered our thoughts here in this collection. It is hoped that by this series of essays we might sow the seed of Thelemic Conservative thought in enough people that the slow rising tide of social mummification might be stopped and, in its place, a new wave of individual freedom be established as the inalienable standard for human rights.

Laying the foundation of Thelemic political theory is the Prophet of the Aeon:

Some of my own contributions:

The format of this page will be, for now, that of a series of mini-essays on various subjects. Everyone is invited to participate. The index of subjects below gives you some idea of the kind of articles we're looking for but this is by no means an exhaustive list. Anything that might have a bearing on the establishment of the Law of Thelema as a way of life is welcome. Submit your essays to Joe Larabell for consideration. Material submitted will be screened (see disclaimers below). If enough material is eventually submitted, the format may change to that of a periodical publication.

Comments are welcome. Use the comment form to submit suggestions, questions, topic ideas, etc. Proper credit will be given for all ideas used. Also, use the registration form below to receive automatic notification when this page is updated (service provided by URL-minder).

Essays and/or opinions on topics relevant to the application of Thelema in the Political arena (and which more-or-less fit in with the general slant of this site) are welcome and encouraged. The current range of topics includes:

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