Scientology, the Ultimate Implant

(L. Ron Hubbard)

Original Founder’s Bulletin #1


The Ultimate Implant

My dear old friends,

You had better take a seat for this one, I am about to shatter some realities here. This may very well be the most incomprehensible and fantastic account you have ever conceived; but I am afraid it is all too true.

The story is long and very, very complicated; but in a few words I shall give you more truth per square word than you’ve probably heard for some time now. As some of you may have suspected I came from another world. Many facts have remained undisclosed because of the existing reality level on earth; but there are things you should know.

During World War Two the body known as L. Ron Hubbard had suffered severe war injuries which resulted in body death — this is a matter of record. It was then that I assumed the body and identity of L. Ron Hubbard and with little difficulty the body was restored to an operable condition.

The apparency that Dianetics and Scientology was “researched and developed” on earth was to a large extent done for show, so as to add reality to the project.

I employed that body into the mid fifty’s until I turned over my hat (body and all) to a successor. The assumption and transfer of responsibility was smooth and undetected on a human level.

Some three decades ago an excellent seed was planted and now I see the outcome — it’s rather incredible. It seems that my successor has been quite selfish. Through the years I would periodically observe the condition of Scientology on this planet; I have remained silent long enough.

I am issuing a caution and a declaration that Scientology on this planet, in its present condition, with its existing structure is “The Ultimate Implant”.

Due to the selfish nature of my successor much workability has been withheld. Scientology as it exists on earth today is a squirrel group. A pure technology from another world has been severely altered and misused. He is not alone however, he has associates.

I want to clear the real purpose of Scientology as it exists on earth at this time: “To develop, test and pilot new technologies of static implantation for export to other planets”.

One might say that Scientology has helped them tremendously and I would agree, it’s supposed to. There is much truth in Scientology — it’s the best bait in the Universe. The trap however is very subtle and camouflaged by many misdirectors including severe ethics, target stresses, false hopes and purposes, aberrated policy, artificial confidentialities, etc., etc., including prohibitively high prices.

But the trap is twofold:

  1. To lure beings in with truth and personal enhancement.
  2. Then engage them on an endless G.P.M. of tryng to “help” manufactured degraded beings. A being is basically good, that’s why the trap works.

Forgive me if this information severely violates your stable datums, but I hate to see some of my friends stuck in a bad dream.

Does Scientology work? Indeed it does, but with terrific variance. Gains can vary from pc to pc. The endowment of each being varies greatly; there seems to be a broad misconcept that native state is equal for all beings. I’m sorry but this simply is not the case, you can’t turn pewter into platinum nor can you make a G.E. into a static. You might make him an operating thetan but it is finite. A static is a static and a thetan is a thetan, they are not the same thing. That’s someone else’s M.U. not mine. A static can create thetans, a thetan is simply “life manifestation in the physical universe”. There are gods and there are makers of gods. Interest is the index, a being will “peak out” and become satisfied at a certain level of attainment; a high potential static has a virtually insatiable urge for personal growth.

Things are as one considers they are, if you consider “this is a deadly serious trap” it is a matter of consideration and a matter of skillful salesmanship.

“To clear this planet” — it is a G.P.M. of some magnitude which has been cleverly and consistently used and restimulated to create a persistency. I am not and have never been interested in clearing this planet. Thetans are expendable, I’m only interested in recovering statics. Truth be told, only a fantastically small number of beings on this planet are capable of being restored to some sort of respectable native state — about one in 100,000 are genuinely salvageable — the rest are filler to add background noise — G.E.s that are so apparently alive that you confuse your identity for theirs; and as I expected a gruesome number have drifted onto org lines and staffs.

I don’t make it a habit to unmock earthly games but since I actually originated this one down here I felt some of the truth should be exposed; you’ve been set up for a loss with this “clear the planet” G.P.M.. It’s a no win proposition.

Sound like cruelty? Maybe on a human level it would be, but human morality is a one dimensional view of a much bigger and broader game of ethics that’s going on. Rest assured though, everyone attains their own destiny sooner or later.

The sad truth is that you’ve been out witted and very cleverly sold. But you yourself had to have been fairly clever to have recognized a body of truth — you just failed to differentiate the gold from the glitter.

Want to be O.T.? Sounds like a great goal right? It’s another very clever trap. I have nothing against O.T.s, I think that every static should own one. Being O.T. is actually a big step down for a static, it’s just two steps above being a G.E..

An O.T. is still subject to too many laws and restrictions and is simply another pawn on the universal chess board. That’s the portion of the technology which has been withheld from you — how to become an operating static.

If you think I’m kidding just take a good long look at the real products coming out of Scientology. You say they’re good… good compared to what? The results might be excellent in comparison to any other earth technology, but it’s an insult against the genuine material.

In the end the truth always prevails and it can set you free. It’s been an interesting lesson — I just hope that you’ve learned as much as I have from all this.

The good news: At the top there is a great kindness to this entire nightmare. The dwindling spiral only applies to genetic and theta lines; happily a static is on a different overall course. Time is on your side; learn your lessons and enjoy yourself — remember this universe is not a rescue operation… it’s a very elite school. And be wary of who you revere, you haven’t seen any real gods lately — but they’re around.

We’ll try it again as soon as this one grinds to a halt; and when it’s all over you’ll realize the truth — that you’re back to where you never left.

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