This section contains static posts which replace the various pages on my legacy web site. I am gradually moving the text over to the new content-management system and, over time, updating the content itself. Therefore, some of the topics in the following list are links to legacy pages and some are links to new pages.

Even though my current personal beliefs defy labelling, this is the belief system with which I most closely identify.
I have been living in Japan for the bulk of the past two decades and this is some of what I have learned about life in the Land of the Rising Sun.
In what seems like a previous life, I was involved in the Church of Scientology. Here is my analysis of the current situation with regards to both the subject and the organization that is currently running the show.
Reunion Pages
This is where I keep lists of coworkers from the last several places I’ve worked. The lists are not up-to-date but… here they are in case anyone is interested.
I keep an intentionally out-of-date resume online… well… just because I can.