A Luddite Enters the World of Blogging


Well… I’ve finally decided to upgrade the web site that I started some 16+ years ago. It’s not that I don’t embrace change. It’s just that so many of the so-called CMS (Content Management System) packages available at the time I first started looking didn’t meet my criteria. Being a software developer by trade, my preference was to develop something of my own.

That was years ago and… here I am… supporting the same static web pages that I mostly wrote when the site was first published. And, of course, the CMS developers haven’t been sitting still in the interim. Most of the major packages that are available today do more than I could ever hope to duplicate by writing my own. After some mind-numbing research, I decided to pick WordPress as the basis of the site renovations (I also happen to have some experience writing posts under WordPress so that influenced the decision to some extent.

The legacy web site contains a number of static pages which have turned out to be popular resources and which have established themselves as reference links on other web sites. I intend to keep those URLs alive, albeit many will undergo significant editing as I move the information from the existing pages to the new WordPress system.

My interests and experiences are many and varied (hence, the “eclectic” in the site’s sub-header). Hopefully, future posts will sort themselves into a small handful of meaningful categories and maybe the occasional off-the-wall topic. Till then, feel free to browse the legacy site at http:://larabell.org.

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