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2014 Sake Professional Course

To anyone who knows me, it should come as no surprise that I enjoy Japanese Sake (also known as Nihon-shu in Japanese to distinguish it from sake, the Japanese word for alcoholic beverages in general). Living in Japan puts me … Continue reading

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The Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook

from Free Agent March 1987 (a Portland Oregon alternative newspaper) Republished in the Utne Reader Nov/Dec 1993 We have been lucky to discover several previously lost diaries of French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre stuck in between the cushions of our office … Continue reading

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Sobering Advice for anyone contemplating a cross-cultural marriage

This hard-won advice is intended only for those couples who are truly considering entering into a cross-cultural marital situation. Simply marrying someone whose ancestry is different from your own is not quite the same thing. Much of who we are … Continue reading

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Social Media Really Isn’t…

Back in the days when cards and letters took days (sometimes weeks) to reach their destination and calling a distant friend on the telephone cost more than a decent dinner, people tended to make each contact count by including as … Continue reading

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Things to know before visiting Japan

This is an excerpt from a letter I sent to my step-daughter before she brought my son over to visit me in Japan for the summer. At the time I had only been in Japan for about six months (and … Continue reading

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Old Posts

If anyone is wondering why, in December 2013, I’m claiming to have entered the blogging world when there are posts from back in 2009… it’s because at one time I was toying with the idea of using WordPress and I … Continue reading

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A Luddite Enters the World of Blogging

Well… I’ve finally decided to upgrade the web site that I started some 16+ years ago. It’s not that I don’t embrace change. It’s just that so many of the so-called CMS (Content Management System) packages available at the time … Continue reading

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Energized enthusiasm…

Well… once again I survived the annual neighborhood festival. Being in somewhat worse physical shape than usual and less prepared this year than last, I really wasn’t sure how well I’d hold up. To make matters worse, I spent more … Continue reading

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Eat or be eaten…

The following is an excerpt from an email conversation with a good friend of mine… That said, I will continue to eat all of the life forms that taste good on this earth. Whether I am liberating some part of … Continue reading

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Nirvana for the masses…

Ya know… when organized religion gets hold of a good idea, more often than not the idea becomes perturbed in such a way as to ensure the ultimate indispensability of the organization formed to promulgate the idea. Miguel de Molinos, … Continue reading

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