Hello world!

Welcome to my personal social experiment. Isn’t that what all blogs start out as (and what most of them still are)? This evening I stumbled across a forum on a relatively arcane subject (which, for now, shall be unnamed, for it’s not relevant to the message). I found a number of things I thought were interesting, some I thought were misleading, and a few on which I thought would benefit from an injection of my wit and wisdom. However… I realized that not only was the forum site itself relatively obscure, there were so many topic, each filled with a haystack of useless banter interspersed with a few real needles of wisdom, that I could have spent all night posting replies to the existing topics with no overall exposure or effect.

In addition, a so-called “friend” was riding me for being a “technological luddite” because I didn’t have an account on Facebook. Talk about a loon. But there are times that I feel I have something worthwhile to say but no fixed place from which I can say it. I said quite a lot on my static web page (http://larabell.org) and it was always my intention to get back to writing full-length articles for publication on that site. Somewhere between the overly-formal requirements of a static web site and what I believe to be the overly-frivolous environment of Facebook and Twitter lies the realm of the blog.

So… not knowing whether I will have the discipline to keep a blog up-to-date, I decided to start a free account here, on wordpress.org. If things work out, I can always migrate the better posts to my own server and step up my involvement. For now, this is simply a place where I can vent and maybe post a gem from time-to-time. But, for now, it’s 4am where I am and I really need to get some sleep.

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