Keeping Scientology (from) Working

The following is a short parody of a paper which is found at the very start of every course textbook used in Scientology. The actual author would prefer to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

Stealing the correct technology
Knowing the stolen technology
Knowing it is stolen

Hiding the original correct technology
Mis-applying the technology
Seeing that the stolen technology is incorrectly mis-applied
Hammering out of existance correct technology
Knocking out correct applications
Closing the door on any possibility of correct technology by copyrighting everything
Slamming the door on correct application

One above has been done.

Two has been achieved by few.

Three has been well hidden by the group applying the incorrect technology in an esoteric manner and observing that people don’t know the difference.

Four is being done covertly in most parts of the world.

Five is consistently accomplished daily.

Six is achieved by management consistently.

Seven is done by the many who are weak points.

Eight is worked hard on.

Nine is impeded by the bright attitude of the not quite “reasonable.”

Ten is seldom done without gross withholds.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten are the only places Scientology can bog down in every area.

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